Tipping Point - Veronica Pock

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Tipping Point

Veronica Pock maakt niet alleen prachtige weefsels. Ze maakt ook schilderijen waarin ze als het ware weeft met kleuren en structuren, niet met textiel maar met papier en verf.

Schilderij 80x80cm

gemengde techniek papier en borduursel op doek

kleuren; groen, grijs, zand

the artist about her work:

An interest in materials, transformations and the underlying make up of the world about me initially led me to follow a scientific route, studying chemistry, but in my late 20s I began to seek a greater sense of fulfilment in my work, and I returned to study textile design at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. I had always been intrigued by textiles and how they were constructed, and was immediately drawn to the looms in the textile department.

Weaving was addictive from the start, from my first tentative steps on a table loom, passing the weft through the warp, discovering the patterns and structures that emerged, to working on the jacquard looms at the Textile Museum in Tilburg. The ability to create a piece of fabric from an unruly mass of fibres is magical, constantly fascinating, and forges a link to the past through the most ancient of crafts.

While at the Academy I was able to develop as an artist, exploring in the medium of textile and, after winning the European Wool Awards with felted wool textile designs, I fell in love with wool as a material. Its ability to transform when washed and felted really speaks to me, and combining it with other materials gives endless possibilities. I now almost always use wool in my work, combining it with other materials; each yarn, its texture, properties and colour, is like paint to me, and each piece I weave is a journey, capturing an imprint of me in the cloth that grows on my loom.

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